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Future Predictions

We have come across many sci-fi movies or stories informing us about the dangerous future where humans become devoid of feelings or the same old robots taking over earth or the life brimming with technology. After coming across a similar story which told me about a future where education would be entirely digitalised, complete with robotic teachers and all, it got me brooding that the present situation was not so different after all. We, amidst this pandemic have pursued our education and worked virtually, completely digitalised.

The next day, in a flattering manner of a distinguished interviewer, I turned to my wise old parents and asked them the widely known question,’What do think would happen in the future?’

As a typical married couple, they offered me two contrasting views on the subject.

My mother, an ardent supporter of the phrase-‘Go green!’ argued that since there were many activists or at least pretenders coming up, maybe the world would change and the people would make the earth finally green.

It was a beautiful sentence.

My father, thoughtful for a moment replied that India would probably become a superpower. New diseases would also come up. Many islands would be submerged. Technology would take over earth. And the people will evolve to be more selfish.

How morbid but then what if…

But then I had to leave their room as fast as possible because my mom had started intensely glaring at my dad.

On closing the door, I heard my mother hissing,’Can’t you be a little positive?’

‘Well, I was being realistic!’

Too familiar with their usual and although entertaining at times, sometimes annoying squabbling, I reiterated back to my room. 

Is the future really going to be a life with human lifestyles and habits diminished or modified? Thinking back to my father’s answer/ outburst, I can’t help feeling that we are but, moving towards that path. 

Why even now when we go outside, rarely do we people notice our surroundings to admire it, we are either too immersed in our own lives or we have our noses hooked to our phones. When we go on a holiday or to a new place, we are now accustomed to take pictures of it rather than to relish that moment. I even remember the time when my father told me that earlier, villages had been brimming with people talking to each other in their verandas under the dim light of the evening. But now the streets are empty, the people safe behind the doors, their TV sets turned on. 

In relief one day, I had noticed little children playing on the streets. But how long would that last until they switch to video games? Would our entertainment rely solely upon a screen, on something virtual and not real? 

Then I think we would undecidedly be moving towards a path which would promise us instant pleasure but would gradually deprive us of our happiness.

I really hope not.

What would the future be like? No one can be sure. But it is our actions that eventually decide it. Therefore it is important to evolve in the world but at the same time we should be careful to not let it taint our natural lifestyles.

25 thoughts on “Future Predictions

  1. Wow, a really nice message. I believe everything has it’s pros and cons, it’s up to us to keep the balance. This was a really beautiful thought though ❤

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  2. First of all @Shruthi, you have got an immense talent for writing blogs.
    Conversation between your folks was beautiful as this is the tendency of Indian parents not to put any worrying thought in the mind of their child.
    Being an IT student, I understand the value of this post with every excellence embedded in it.
    We’re becoming slaves to virtuality.
    When Sophia, an AI robot said that, “I’ll keep humans in my people zoo”, people took it lightly.
    Often, people with non- IT backgrounds think of this as a joke.
    I too have written a blog named “Resemblance of human talk and artificial intelligence”. Check it out whenever you can.
    I suggest you watch a movie called “Ex-Machina” which beautifully described the impact of AI.
    Keep going!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad that you understood me. Your words are very true.
      I certainly didn’t come across that comment by Sophia. I did come across her implying that she would ultimately destroy humans, at which I immediately expelled her from my mind. Although my grandmother once labelled her as ‘cute.’
      Anyway something is very fishy about that robot…
      I will certainly visit your blog and check it out and thank you for the movie recommendation. It sounds very interesting!
      Thank you for stopping by!

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  3. Such a thoughtful post, Shruthi. We are getting more addicted to screens. Playgrounds are becoming increasingly vacant. We ourselves are addicted to our phones, TV and tabs that we rarely pause to look at the world around us. And now thanks to the pandemic, we can’t venture out and roam about even if we want to.

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