Grandmothers, they calm the mothers, like when you break an expensive bottle of perfume that your mother had bought from France and she screams her head off and suddenly grandma to the rescue! She patiently pacifies mom and she always sticks by your side! Everything becomes alright again!  Yes, that’s the main thing that weContinue reading “Necklace”

Old is gold

Moby dick……..Famous five…… Treasure island……..Tom sawyer…….pride and prejudice……Oliver twist…… I see these books stacked in a shelf at my school library, often ignored by most of the students. Too dull, too boring as compared to the much read Percy Jackson, the famous Harry Potter series or some thrilling sci-fi stories….etc… etc….well, you get it. AlmostContinue reading “Old is gold”


The unfortunate turn of events in the previous year is unimaginable. A dreaded virus, tedious lockdowns and numerous restrictions. Yesterday, my mind was overwhelmed by this unfortunate situation. I felt very gloomy. It felt like years since I physically went to school, and as though I had missed everything because of this lockdown. I feltContinue reading “Window”

First day of high school for Ssk

Year of covid-19 pandemic Let’s see, first day of high school today. Logging into my computer for online class. I am staring at the screen. Not able to talk to anyone. Only staring at the screen. Sitting in my pjs because nobody can see me except the side of my face.  No social life. ClassesContinue reading “First day of high school for Ssk”

A little humiliation can help

Your first success in your life.  Surely, everyone would remember that. There must be one thing or another. As a matter of fact, it can be anything. Your first baby words or the first time you passed an exam or the first time you went to work for one week without getting fired . .Continue reading “A little humiliation can help”

Spreading the light

Happiness is the same for everyone. Whether we work hard to get one meal a day or we sit back and have ample food three times a day, happiness is the same. What I mean is whether we’re rich or poor, it’s very similar in execution. A cry of mirth, sudden shine of eyes orContinue reading “Spreading the light”

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