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The End

About it allIs the sunlit glory up in the cloudsA life coveted, the souls chased afterThe peace wrapped in a promising presentBut it’s all just a shard of one dimension I watch and admire its bright auraLock it in its air and switch my gaze back. My mother keeps running down the spiralInto the dizzyingContinue reading “The End”

A Teardrop On Time’s Skin

The light is lit in those lands,So I’ll bear your silhouette’s sin And I’ll catch in my handsA teardrop on time’s skin. How sinister is this?This parting, so rich that the pictures dim,Swift in your head like our black fruits, a curse.Just a new doorway as fuel when it all begins.But time will grieve for meContinue reading “A Teardrop On Time’s Skin”