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Souls: Part One

“A favour as great as the universe is not worth the sacrifice of a star.” stated Alvis. “But altering the reasons of life is not in our hands.”“And so, as our beings fly as dust, we’ll recollect the reward, as meagre as it may be.”, said Brain, turning around.Eshter smiled and continued, “For it isContinue reading “Souls: Part One”

The Fence and the Nettles

How long will it takeFor the fence to break the nailsIf a warm hand fails to slip through?Time, eternal time, come in and dieThe nettles crave the winter dew’s touch On the ground, away from the air knives,But under the dull drizzle of sawdust. Oh for the holes in the wood,Won’t the pinpricks of lightpeepContinue reading “The Fence and the Nettles”