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The place

Prologue Tried my hand at poetry  Sorry, if it didn’t come so well So this is my earnest plea To you to help me excel  Hi! This is a simple poem based on a place at home. I don’t write much poems but I hope you like it…. The place The wind gusts fervently  FillingContinue reading “The place”


Two dark gigantic boxes with a sun touched transparent glass showcases a spectrum of glinting tinctures of colours. And then when you edge nearer, you give heed to the tiny words on the colours. Your eyes skim over them urgently in the act of searching or just in mere exhilaration. Either way it’s breath-taking. YouContinue reading “Bookshelves”

Oh no!

A small ant  under the plant Sucked on a small piece of sugar Little did he know that if he did linger A giant foot would come so fast To quickly smash his living last…

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