Future Predictions

We have come across many sci-fi movies or stories informing us about the dangerous future where humans become devoid of feelings or the same old robots taking over earth or the life brimming with technology. After coming across a similar story which told me about a future where education would be entirely digitalised, complete withContinue reading “Future Predictions”

The place

Prologue Tried my hand at poetry  Sorry, if it didn’t come so well So this is my earnest plea To you to help me excel  Hi! This is a simple poem based on a place at home. I don’t write much poems but I hope you like it…. The place The wind gusts fervently  FillingContinue reading “The place”


Two dark gigantic boxes with a sun touched transparent glass showcases a spectrum of glinting tinctures of colours. And then when you edge nearer, you give heed to the tiny words on the colours. Your eyes skim over them urgently in the act of searching or just in mere exhilaration. Either way it’s breath-taking. YouContinue reading “Bookshelves”

Change in lives

The year 2020 has caused a lot of changes in our lives.  A whole year of our lives had been somewhat fruitless because of Covid. And now, 2021 seems to be going the same way too. The vaccines had given us a ray of hope. But just as we sighed in relief that it was allContinue reading “Change in lives”

Me, finally

Hi!  When I started my site a few weeks ago, WordPress had posted an example post on my site instructing me to introduce myself. However, I had tactfully ignored this and started posting my own content. On a particular day, two rather alarming thoughts crossed my mind out of the blue, one of them being-Continue reading “Me, finally”

Almost Magic

Just a month before the pandemic- November 2019, I experienced the best vacation of my life.  My dad and I have a small tradition. We go on a sort of a daddy-daughter trip to different places except well, we don’t get very far. You know, a walk to a park, to get ice-cream or toContinue reading “Almost Magic”

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