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Two dark gigantic boxes with a sun touched transparent glass showcases a spectrum of glinting tinctures of colours. And then when you edge nearer, you give heed to the tiny words on the colours. Your eyes skim over them urgently in the act of searching or just in mere exhilaration. Either way it’s breath-taking. You can look at it forever.

At least that’s how I feel when I stand in front of them. Our two bookshelves, majestic and magical, dazzling in the morning, mysteriously glared in the afternoon sun, pitch dark at night.

People describe those little colour covered things as ‘action packed’ or as ‘amusing.’ Or as thrilling, heart touching, saddening, dark, deep, beautiful, whatnot…

And they really are, you know, the books of the far and wide world.

Books are really amazing! It leads us to a discrete world, to another’s story, just like that. Brilliant, are the people who wrote them, all of them. Even the good ones, the bad ones. Famous, not so famous. Geniuses, every single one of them. To be able to or at least try to weave a story out of nothingness or to enchant others out of a forgotten something. Beautiful. And to make others perfectly image a setting is a mesmerising talent. All of them, who ever tried, are worthy of appreciation.

Now, I turn the spotlight back on our bookshelves. My sister and I are the few in our family to have witnessed the joy of reading books. We have a huge collection of various books residing in two black shelves as described vaguely and pictured in the beginning. And I’ve always felt rather enchanted about it. Those two shelves filled with a rainbow of books, each book alluring and spellbinding. Each story, transfixing and riveting. These stories finally end up bound to the heart forever. Even when one forgets them over time, it’s somehow just there. 

My sister had initially started collecting those books and I eventually doubled it.

Our most favourites lie there, stories we keep coming back to. It’s like a little personal library. Minimal but enormously special to me. I’m very grateful for just seeing it every day. It offers me much happiness. In simple words- Our two wonderful bookshelves are completely awesome!

So I finish off with a last note- There are many avid readers out there, some maybe with their own special libraries like mine. Either way, I wish you a great reading journey and keep living the magic! 🙂

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