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Souls of a Bittersweet Life

This poem is really special because it’s co-written by my friend, Jo_Zav. She is an amazing writer who can effortlessly weave together words, rendering a vivid text that brings its every abstract voice to life. Elegant, poignant and concise, her work is absolutely beautiful! I’m so thankful to her for writing this piece with me.Continue reading “Souls of a Bittersweet Life”

Sapphire Winds

Fires of September, half-moon tempersFlying with the pastels that colour the ninth…No, we can only look for these sapphire winds to pass. Did you know you can catch a wave inside the numbers?The one that’s painted in neon pictures?You know, it’s not too hard to hold in this weatherAnd it’s just enough to bridge theContinue reading “Sapphire Winds”

Beautiful Tears

The sun never sets over these monochromes,It is just there, streaking my sky with beautiful tears,But I try hard to drown it, right inside the town from these folds,Where the abstract art of bursting lights and uncoloured sighsAre shone in the night like shadows.But it wouldn’t give in,Even when the silence in the heartbeat echoes,EvenContinue reading “Beautiful Tears”