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Change in lives

The year 2020 has caused a lot of changes in our lives.  A whole year of our lives had been somewhat fruitless because of Covid. And now, 2021 seems to be going the same way too. The vaccines had given us a ray of hope. But just as we sighed in relief that it was all going to be over, the virus had come back, more dangerous and even lethal. My country, India has received a huge blow because of this. Many people grieve over their loved ones every day. We are experiencing the worst turmoil yet. So how to get over this, besides the obvious remedies? 

The grief of losing people can never be pacified in one day. Our fear for others and for ourselves can not be appeased in a minute. The same applies for the sickness, boredom, impoverishment or whatever problems caused by this unfortunate situation. The only choice we have is to go through this hapless stretch of time. To support and act in the process of making everything alright. To hope that everything will subside and be just normal soon.

But to find peace in these type of situations, we usually turn to entertainment which is effective but a little lessened now. We usually prefer a change in place or a holiday of some sort, which also is obviously not advisable now.

In the hard and tedious days of this pandemic, people have found different things to do when the usual was limited. New hobby, lifestyle, habits and so on…

We have learnt to change as our lives changed. It is up to us to decide whether to be pessimistic or positive about this change.

I strongly believe in the ideas of happiness and hope. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if we search for it. I believe that there is always a distinctive bright spot in every situation. It’s okay to just be happy no matter what.

If at all we can’t find it or it seems a little impossible sometimes, there’s always hope, the steady backbone of our life.

Sweet hope, that always reassures and consoles us like that of a parent to a child.

But if it’s false hope? 

We then give in to sadness for it will always be a part of our lives. But we must remember to get up again and look for a ray of light and be strong. If we succeed in this, we will become confident. Confident enough to withstand the succeeding adversities which next come into our lives. 

If we change our line of thoughts and be constructive and content, we’ll be in much better spirits and this situation may not seem so bad. We’ll become courageous enough to overcome it. 

Whatever the problem, there’s always a bright spot. So let’s find it.

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