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The Fence and the Nettles

How long will it takeFor the fence to break the nailsIf a warm hand fails to slip through?Time, eternal time, come in and dieThe nettles crave the winter dew’s touch On the ground, away from the air knives,But under the dull drizzle of sawdust. Oh for the holes in the wood,Won’t the pinpricks of lightpeepContinue reading “The Fence and the Nettles”

Life’s Flutters

All the locks in the skyGloss my lips to a pompous shineThe debris in mauve heart voids Is of timid lights in life Silken sheen’s dance on rustSequins sewn into heavy crustsSlippery slope’s thrills of a sledGlasses in the traces of dread Summer sun rains bright goldCrowning the fall in blithe hopeThe threshold’s eternal mayMy springContinue reading “Life’s Flutters”

The Trap

Deep in the abyss of the forsaken paths lay a pond fortified with green embrace. The folks of the hamlet had either never or seldom crossed the expanse for it was an invisible dome, only entered by those with reasons to cede and bonds to fray. The pond held echelons of allure that fervently attractedContinue reading “The Trap”