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A Crafty Question

This one is a really special poem written by me and my bestest friend ever, Sanju. Sanju is an excellent poet, who is proficient in polishing up pieces with the perfect rhyme and rhythm. Embellished with unveiled philosophy and honest perspectives, her poetry ensnares the reader into a lit journey of contemplation and introspection. IContinue reading “A Crafty Question”

Souls of a Bittersweet Life

This poem is really special because it’s co-written by my friend, Jo_Zav. She is an amazing writer who can effortlessly weave together words, rendering a vivid text that brings its every abstract voice to life. Elegant, poignant and concise, her work is absolutely beautiful! I’m so thankful to her for writing this piece with me.Continue reading “Souls of a Bittersweet Life”

Sapphire Winds

Fires of September, half-moon tempersFlying with the pastels that colour the ninth…No, we can only look for these sapphire winds to pass. Did you know you can catch a wave inside the numbers?The one that’s painted in neon pictures?You know, it’s not too hard to hold in this weatherAnd it’s just enough to bridge theContinue reading “Sapphire Winds”

The End

About it allIs the sunlit glory up in the cloudsA life coveted, the souls chased afterThe peace wrapped in a promising presentBut it’s all just a shard of one dimension I watch and admire its bright auraLock it in its air and switch my gaze back. My mother keeps running down the spiralInto the dizzyingContinue reading “The End”

A Teardrop On Time’s Skin

The light is lit in those lands,So I’ll bear your silhouette’s sin And I’ll catch in my handsA teardrop on time’s skin. How sinister is this?This parting, so rich that the pictures dim,Swift in your head like our black fruits, a curse.Just a new doorway as fuel when it all begins.But time will grieve for meContinue reading “A Teardrop On Time’s Skin”

The House

Took the the trash out,In a nonchalant daze,The click of a doorknob,The ease from the restrains. The sky, a light-edgeOf a thousand blue images The flower veins behind glass,The silent melodies in clasps. And then the windows, the sunlit dust motesOf new knick-knacks, fresh coffee rings, red chairsAnd warm loving eyes. Time and time again, IContinue reading “The House”

Indigo Mercy

I broke the sun’s seam, watched myself sieveThe sky from the sea, an indigo mercy. I might have deserted them,There on the black veil,Of silence and pain, swirled in rain. For their horizon was curved in white,The chill of vague, a mist in sight. But I didn’t dare, couldn’t bearTo leach our core spirit outContinue reading “Indigo Mercy”

The Fence and the Nettles

How long will it takeFor the fence to break the nailsIf a warm hand fails to slip through?Time, eternal time, come in and dieThe nettles crave the winter dew’s touch On the ground, away from the air knives,But under the dull drizzle of sawdust. Oh for the holes in the wood,Won’t the pinpricks of lightpeepContinue reading “The Fence and the Nettles”

A Honey-pot of Sadness

I need a honey-pot of sadnessOf hot blankets and sticky tearsI need to taste its rich silenceAnd feel its brazen smears   I need a honey-pot of sadnessTo adorn my gold-gloomed criesI need the emotions to caressMy rusted soul with sweet ties I need a honey-pot of sadnessTo touch the warmth of a slashI need toContinue reading “A Honey-pot of Sadness”


I am dead in bright sunlightThrowing rocks at the endless edgeMy cold eyes lie in a blindfold of plightAs the vast space stretches in arcsLike a mystery rune in eternal sight. To nudge the traces of bone shadows Is all I yearn of this black-misted glideBut hurling awry cries at this vague faceIs my onlyContinue reading “Untouchable”

To Live From Afar

I wish to have the soul of an eveningSo I could spread out the stars to singWhile sighting the horizon of golden joyI could give away the magic of my treatsAnd fade from dear memories by choiceTo become entwined with earthly peace. I could sail on the navy waves in the sky,Resting at the hueContinue reading “To Live From Afar”

Life’s Flutters

All the locks in the skyGloss my lips to a pompous shineThe debris in mauve heart voids Is of timid lights in life Silken sheen’s dance on rustSequins sewn into heavy crustsSlippery slope’s thrills of a sledGlasses in the traces of dread Summer sun rains bright goldCrowning the fall in blithe hopeThe threshold’s eternal mayMy springContinue reading “Life’s Flutters”

The Shroud

With green as pale as apples, the leaves curl into the buoyant treeProfiles of certaintyInvoking a deityGolden promises and purple faith carried away on a butterfly’s wingsRest at a honey pit covered in tatters, deeper than rough waters.Starry eyes spiral down the crescent time’s slow decrownOn the back of a moth flying the blotchesTo theContinue reading “The Shroud”

The Seaside

I breathe in the sun of the seaside and kiss the sheen on the waters for the last time I came is still bitter, like the stench of old perfume.The seaside had whispered eternity, haunting me with captivity so I sailed through the clouds just to set foot on firm lands.Now I run and viewContinue reading “The Seaside”

The Truth

The Truth Inner beauty doesn’t recede with the sands of timeBut yours didn’t show the difference between hearts and housesYour ruby mouth and coal eyes were a sight to beholdNow held too long, they’re burning me in a pyre of blood and ashes Change Never have I seen you in the faceAdmitting to the poisonContinue reading “The Truth”

The Tent

I’m seeking shelter in the tentWoven from hanks of chaosThat tours the heaven now Bathed in its sheen The cloth ripples my cutsEnfolding me in solaceOf blurred balance and spaceUntil my legs nudge the corners. In the darkness devoid of shadows To haunt me with lies and truthsI float between them in symphoniesStrung with memories out ofContinue reading “The Tent”


My winds are embedded down in the earth Whispering remorse for having failedIn dwindling the vast ocean That I steadily trickled out of hurt Till it flew beyond my clutchesAllying with birds faraway in motionOut of my sight and into the skyWith heaps of wayward emotionsThat are too untamed to lie Life is a bed of rosesBecause everyContinue reading “Winds”


Clusters of jewels in the night’s mine,Banishes the steady gloom of the sky.But the lone white pearl’s splendid shine,Altogether makes the darkness fly. A picturesque wood with thick greens about,May stir the soul with supreme glee.Yet a separate tree doubtlessly gives out,Complete beauty to feel and see. The prodigious blue of our shared realm,Reveal theContinue reading “Solitude”


I was once a most prepossessing sight,Blue, velvet and artistically designed.The crowd professed their deepest wishesTo have me claimed, kept, washed and dusted!Oh, I was acquired tout de suiteBy a zealous merchant who somehow knew,To ceremoniously sell me to an imposing king.How I was treated with magnificent pride!I was acclaimed, commended and immensely boasted.But timeContinue reading “Carpet”

The Dreams

I ventured into lands unknownWeaving some dreams of goldI believed its light shoneIn the darkest paths of lone I entwined the thin threadsNot leaving a strand astrayBut I tore my life to shredsLeading me to lie and betray I played a game with fireWon dark smouldering holesI had ashen threads to rewire Into a shadow ofContinue reading “The Dreams”


Memories upending over my soulBurn like acid as they touch the floorBlinking away like camera flashes They capture my heart’s core Held prisoner in a wave of sadnessAs moments flow and caressThe shore of eternity Only to fade and flee Vanishing into an abyssReturning to taunt with a glimpseThey grasp emotions in a blink of an eyeAndContinue reading “Memories”

You and me forever

God may have bound me to you for eternity But he had devastatingly chosen wrongly For I knew from the first our rope would be cut You feel so alien, so foreign under my skinBut I have to try and understand your termsFor we both know the truth that can’t be shut ‘Cause it’s you andContinue reading “You and me forever”

The world goes

Salty scents brim the air Cold wind seeps in everywhere  But cold to warm, the world goes Melting emotions once froze  Frothy waves dance on the shore To the music inside the heart’s core But music to noise, the world goes Seagulls screech out all my foes Pretty shells colour the lands Holding on toContinue reading “The world goes”

To my sister

You’ve always been with me since my life began, Paving my way with love and care, You’re my pillar of support, a guiding star Brightening my path with your steady light. We’ll always be together wherever we are Because we’re tethered to each other, With a bond knotted so tight, That it can’t be brokenContinue reading “To my sister”


When a heavy rainstorm brews within  Threatening to release, burst and win Unleash it all for it’ll eventually cease To again restore an abode of peace When the rain of tears hits the ground  Drenching the tranquil mind with sound  Don’t you forget that It’ll unfailingly dry  Becoming an echo of time elapsed by WhenContinue reading “Rainstorm”