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The House

Took the the trash out,
In a nonchalant daze,
The click of a doorknob,
The ease from the restrains.

The sky, a light-edge
Of a thousand blue images 
The flower veins behind glass,
The silent melodies in clasps.

And then the windows, the sunlit dust motes
Of new knick-knacks, fresh coffee rings, red chairs
And warm loving eyes.

Time and time again, I tried to find
In those bittersweet stains on the walls
Where it had all gone away.

The floors are bare, I always swayed
To the forlorn creaks of the rickety beds
But now I set foot in the road to forget.

The winds prick and the light blinds
A cord cuts and its aches arrive
I breathe at last as I wave goodbye.

Couldn’t find the keys,
Couldn’t open the faucet,
But took the trash out
In a nonchalant daze,
And dumped it there
With a steady face.


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