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To Live From Afar

I wish to have the soul of an evening
So I could spread out the stars to sing
While sighting the horizon of golden joy
I could give away the magic of my treats
And fade from dear memories by choice
To become entwined with earthly peace.

I could sail on the navy waves in the sky,
Resting at the hue lands of sunset’s ties
Or fly alive on the back of a wild wind,
Grow red roses on my ashen cheeks.
After shedding the infinite grime of my sins,
I could catch the night dust from sunlit peaks.

But all at once I realise as I breath in the musty air,
That my wish would die in the make-believe’s share
For gloomily enclosed in these dull walls
I stand rigid by the iron gridded window
And curse my lacks till my spirit falls
For I could only gaze at the evening’s soul.

18 thoughts on “To Live From Afar

  1. Oh dear, what a beautiful and poignant piece! 😢 god i love this. You’ve written it so well, all images and descriptions clear. Shows how wide and beautiful a writers imagination can be and how sweet it turns when blended with reality. Amazing, my friend. 🌺💖🌺

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