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Clusters of jewels in the night’s mine,
Banishes the steady gloom of the sky.
But the lone white pearl’s splendid shine,
Altogether makes the darkness fly.

A picturesque wood with thick greens about,
May stir the soul with supreme glee.
Yet a separate tree doubtlessly gives out,
Complete beauty to feel and see.

The prodigious blue of our shared realm,
Reveal the enormous oceans and seas.
Yet the detached ponds deftly overwhelm,
The vast blue with joys that please.

Linked grounds of our greater lands,
Do not usually appeal as much.
As the unbound and free, unique islands,
To which we would rather travel and trudge!

Thus I withdraw with a little note-
Sometimes it’s fine to stay with the multitude,
But we mustn’t miss out on the value of solitude.

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