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I was once a most prepossessing sight,
Blue, velvet and artistically designed.
The crowd professed their deepest wishes
To have me claimed, kept, washed
and dusted!
Oh, I was acquired tout de suite
By a zealous merchant who somehow knew,
To ceremoniously sell me to an imposing king.
How I was treated with magnificent pride!
I was acclaimed, commended and immensely boasted.
But time perished enough to have me ousted.
And now I lie alone in a street’s corner,
Soiled, ripped and in cerulean rags.
The crowd profess their deepest wishes
To have me dragged, hurled, discarded
and dumped!

19 thoughts on “Carpet

  1. C’est la vie, as they say. Isn’t it funny to think that we have been programmed to only like things in perfection, failing to see the happiness or the rich story that lies hidden in the tapestry of imperfection.

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