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To my sister

You’ve always been with me since my life began,

Paving my way with love and care,

You’re my pillar of support, a guiding star

Brightening my path with your steady light.

We’ll always be together wherever we are

Because we’re tethered to each other,

With a bond knotted so tight,

That it can’t be broken even when we fight.

Sometimes when you become unsure of yourself,

I want you to know that I’m never uncertain,

I believe in you like one believes in god,

Because I believe you’re truly a beautiful person.

Compassionate, funny, considerate and kind

Sometimes annoying, I have to admit

But I like the way how we stand together,

Side by side through thick and thin.

And don’t you think it’s far more wonderful 

How much you’ve made me feel

When I just wanted to say

Happy Birthday

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