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The forest

A small verdant forest rests near my house. It is alive with green things towering high up, like skyscrapers piercing the sky. And it has become a treasured daily retreat of mine.

I slam the front door of my house shut, savouring the banging sound for it meant my freedom from my daily humdrum life. With excitement hovering inside, I stride down the stone paved pathway flowering into the woods, with no other company except the wind circling around me in curiosity. ‘Swish swish’, it whispers to me, tousling up my hair mischievously. 

A torrent of green washes over my eyes as the rich forest air envelops me in its arms. The muddy carpet of twigs and leaves creaks under my feet and I run with the wind swiftly dodging the trees. I take in deep breaths of the earthy fragrance wafting from the lush soils of the forest. I venture deeper and deeper and it is as if the forest is a magnet, an unknown force, so mysterious. The air is sharp, sweet and refreshing as the scents of nature spread everywhere, like the flowing waters touring all the lands.

I laugh as my heart sings with the twittering bulbuls in glee. It would be completely silent if not for the birds that serenade the forest with their harmonious birdsong. And as if to listen, a couple of squirrels cease their tedious task of butchering a fruit while a rabbit looks around fascinated, its comfy burrow momentarily forgotten. As I stroll around in a happy daze, I come across some plants sprouting colourful wildflowers flecked with rainbows of pink, red and orange. The hues make my heart brim with overwhelming joy. 

The dark ground of the forest shimmers as the bright rays of the sun slant through the canopy of trees arching above me like golden blotches on a dark green veil masking the blue sky overhead. I twirl and spin around in joy like a ballerina performing a second-rate pirouette, laughing as I royally tumble down to the ground, landing on the soft earthy mud. I stretch my legs out, peace and warmth bubbling up inside as I eye the picturesque display of life and greenery unfurling about me. I glance up at the rich leafy shade above and the rainbow flowers adorning the tender green plants and I feel the sweet and fresh scents tickle my nose and the wind zooming in between the spaces and I hear the musical birds bustling about in the treetops and the united chirps of maybe a thousand insects and oh how much there is! I can feel my face glowing like fireflies at night. I could stay here forever.

It’s amazing how life goes slopping from up to down, like how a raindrop from its peak finally ends up plummeting down the ground.

Much like that, I find my joys to be short lived because when I finally return home, pink faced from being outside, I find my parents standing ceremoniously with some sealed boxes all around and they declare, with an ignorant smile, that that we were to be moving. Moving to someplace far away from the forest. Away from everything. A wave of shock and sadness washes over me as I realise it is likely that I might never see that forest ever again.

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