My school story

Cold Monday morning

And I’m still snoring 

When mom calls out

To get up and be about 

Soon my bus zooms in

But it’s all chaos within 

Have I packed everything?

Opps! I think forgot a thing!

Oh! Now I have to look

For that wretched lost book

That I haven’t been through 

From which I have a test due

It’s raining cats and dogs outside

Though on muddied roads, I stride

Heroically to the vrooming bus

I get on it with no further fuss

As I reach my grand and imposing school

I drastically start to lose my cool

For a fleeting thought impossible to shirk

Screams out that I’ve not done my homework!!

I make a beeline for my school’s front gate

Oh I can’t help but foresee my pitiful fate

But as I see my teachers greeting with a smile

My heartfelt distress vanishes for a while

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