Grandmothers, they calm the mothers, like when you break an expensive bottle of perfume that your mother had bought from France and she screams her head off and suddenly grandma to the rescue! She patiently pacifies mom and she always sticks by your side! Everything becomes alright again! 

Yes, that’s the main thing that we love about our grandmothers isn’t it? But when I was ten, something happened that brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize that my silly little seven year old brain would ask something that my grandmother would take ever so seriously. Yes, I was seven when I was at my grandma’s house sighing loudly wishing that I had a green necklace. A simple piece of costume jewellery to play dress up with, that was all. A very momentous fancy that would quickly slip from my mind. But somehow my grandma heard it and she kept quiet. Later in the years, I imagined her at the scene, smiling a sweet and somewhat mischievous smile. 

Years passed and I eventually grew up and I forgot all about the necklace that I had wished for. 

It was on a particular year, my tenth birthday( a rather exaggerated milestone then!) when my mother called me rather excitedly. I went to her room and caught her clutching a box that looked like some jewellery. She handed me the box and recalled the whole incident above, concerning the necklace. I listened in a confused daze when she finally finished that the box was from my grandma. 

I opened the box and the fresh green of the necklace inside made my eyes cloudy with tentative tears threatening to fall.

It was an emerald necklace finished with a touch of scintillating gold. Simple, elegant and fit for a princess. It was too beautiful. My grandmother had designed it herself for me.

I couldn’t believe that she had remembered after all that time. I was so shocked for a moment and the tears gave in and fell down my cheeks. I will always keep the necklace safe.

And that day became one of my most cherished memories. 

Thus, I end this post with a message- Thank you so much grandma, a million times!!

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9 thoughts on “Necklace

  1. Wow Shruthi
    That is just amazing. Can’t believe that you have grown up so much to write a blog. That is so super cute story. Would love to read more such blogs from you. Very best wishes, Sundar

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a beautiful story, Shruthi. I’m wiping away a tear because you made me think of my grandmothers, who’ve long since passed away. You have a precious keepsake.


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