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The unfortunate turn of events in the previous year is unimaginable. A dreaded virus, tedious lockdowns and numerous restrictions. Yesterday, my mind was overwhelmed by this unfortunate situation.

I felt very gloomy. It felt like years since I physically went to school, and as though I had missed everything because of this lockdown. I felt very dejected, stuck inside my house, doing absolutely nothing. I felt so upset about the pandemic.

As I was brooding over my thoughts, my mother called for me to take the unwanted newspapers down to the old room. I groaned because it was the last thing I wanted to do. But on second thoughts, I wanted to go there.

The old room was where we kept all our old stuff. It basically a storage room in the basement. The reason we call it that is when I was younger I used to think that it was a kind of a super magical ancient room or something and I started calling it the the ‘old room’ and it kind of stuck. The room has an old fashioned window with wooden doors to open it, like a casement. And it’s always closed, so the room is miserably dark. It’s darkness matched my mood, so I wanted to go there.

I walked into the room and tossed the newspapers into a box. As I went towards the wooden window, I noticed that it’s latch was broken at an end, so a small beam of light escaped it. As I looked at the window, it occurred to me that I had never opened the window, let alone touched it. A sudden desire to open the window crossed my mind and I found myself tugging at the latch. Although the window creaked a lot, it wouldn’t give in. And then I got extremely irritated and gave it a last shot, but it wouldn’t budge. I sighed in exasperation and sat down on an old stool which was practically layered with grime. I looked at the window for a while, my mind full of self pity.

Suddenly, an small thought came to me. I stared at the window and started comparing it with my situation.

I had been trying to open the window, but it wouldn’t open. On the other side of the window was the world which was happy. The opaque wooden window which stopped me from seeing that world was the challenging virus. And I was stuck inside the little dark room because I couldn’t open it.


This was my situation.

And then, I noticed the small beam of light. My imagination could not find a character to it, so I killed the light by standing on it. But my mind wondered what it could be. I stepped back and assessed my situation.

What was the light?

The answer suddenly hit me. It was hope. The light was hope.

Even though I was hapless about being useless inside my house, dreading the virus, missing school, in the furthest corner of my mind, I was hopeful. Hopeful that everything will become just normal again. The virus was a adverse challenge but it will not last forever. A small smile of foolish realisation creeped into my face, brightening my mind. And I left the room feeling a lot better and somewhat ridiculously wiser, if I do say so myself!

Now all we have to do is to grind through this disconsolate situation with a strong defiant belief and eternal hope. It’ll get over.

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6 thoughts on “Window

  1. Beautiful write up shruthi
    Loved reading it.
    Yes God is waiting with open arms we will soon be out of this pandemic


  2. This is amazing Shruthi. Well written and certainly leaves the reader feeling very hopeful in these hard times 🙂


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